Winter Wonderland Holiday

Have you ever thought of spending a week in Brittany in a cosy cottage with a log fire? Autumn and winter can be beautiful, and our prices are much lower than in the summer. Ferry crossings are a lot cheaper as well. In the September and October you can enjoy the autumn tree colours , or collect mushrooms and chestnuts. The woodlands at Poulmarvezen Holiday Cottages are carpeted with edible chestnuts in the autumn, and you are welcome to collect them. You’ll have to be quick though as the squirrels are quick off the mark! You are more likely to experience a frosty morning than a “Winter wonderland”, but both are equally beautiful, like the photo below.

Poulmarvezen gites - frost

Frosty day at Poulmarvezen

Fence posts with snow

Snow covered lane leading to Poulmarvezen

Our holiday cottages are at the end of this lane, about 500 yards further on. I can remember these posts being put in about 15 years ago, the idea was that animals were going to be put in there to feed, but in the end the field has only ever been used for crops, often maize.

Winter Wonderland

Rare snow at the entrance to Poulmarvezen

This is where the lane to Poulmarvezen (off to the left), leaves the Ploerdut to Lignol road, (shot facing Lignol). Both villages are about 3kms away.Ploerdut. These red-banded bollards are a throwback to the days when you always had to give way to traffic from the left, so anybody coming out of our lane could turn left for Lignol without looking or stopping. On a couple of occasions at other occasions I have been caught out by this rule (usually elderly farmers on a tractor). On a couple of occasions I’ve had cars stop for me to exit to the left. Mostly people just drive past, but there is always the potential for a prang. Obviously even more dangerous in a Winter wonderland!

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