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(ranked in order of distance from Poulmarvezen Holiday Gites). Return here as I intend to list more of the “Things to do” in the Pourleth area and beyond. Each link is followed by a short translation of a part of the website to help those who struggle with French. Apologies to everyone else!

Things to do - the annual Fete de l'andouille Guemene-sur-Scorff

Another procession during the Fete de l’andouille. Rue Bisson Guemene-sur-Scorff. Note the Embuscade Bar on the left.

Welcome to Ploerdut  Click here

List of Chapelles in the area  Click here

Selection of Beauty spots in the area Click here

Things to do locally …

(5 miles) Guemene-sur-Scorff  owes its origin to a feudal mound built around 1050 by a lord named Guégant. This is where we get the old name Kemenet Guégant meaning “Commandery Guégant” which, by declining, later gave its name to the city Guémené. The feud then passes alternately under the rule of Baumer and Rohan. The latter played an important role in the history of the city. Click here

(5 miles) Guided tours of Guemene-sur-Scorff (Wednesdays) The Guémenoise City invites you through a stroll through the streets and alleys, to discover its quality architectural heritage. The remains of the castle of Rohan-Guémené, the Hotel des Princes, the column Bisson, Relais Diligence … The Small City of Character invites visitors to take part in an amazing journey through the ages, taking into account the architecture but also the men and women who lived there. Click here

(5 miles) The city of Guémené-sur-Scorff now has a rich heritage, quality, mainly inherited from the family of Rohan, one of the oldest nobility of Brittany. Unfortunately, the nineteenth and twentieth centuries have damaged the heritage.  Click here

(6 miles) The House of the Bat is a unique discovery center, the museum, the nights of the Bat, tours … To learn, understand, have fun, get excited … FOR A FASCINATING WORLD: the BATS ! If you find an injured bat please take it along asap.  Click here

(8 miles) QUAD BIKES!!! Click here

(8 miles) Tibetan Buddhist Centre Plouray In 1984, His Holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa sent Khenpo Yeshe Choedar Rinpoche to France near Monaco to establish a Dharma center. Under this impulse, one year later, the Plouray Drukpa center was created. In 1986, His Holiness came to France for the first time. He blessed the Plouray center, instituting it as the European center of the Drukpa Lineage and gave it the name of “Druk Thupten Choekor Ling” Click here

Things to do 10-15 miles

(10 miles) African Museum at the Abbey of Langonnet According to local tradition, Langonnet, the first chapel of Brittany, was established by lan Saint Conet at the present hamlet of St Maur, about 750 meters south of the present town. Conet is sometimes equated with Conec or Conogan, the successor of St Corentin the bishopric of Quimper. It is certain that the worship of the Celtic saints like Brendan, Guénolé, Hervé, Conogan back to the origins in the region; and a chapel was built at St Maur in the ninth century. Click here

(12 miles) “Chez Dame Nature” animal farm Brittany, Morbihan, large and small, come relax the animal park “At Mother Nature.” Surrounded by these rare and miniature animals that you can APPROACH, feed and pet, make this meeting a great experience for all the family. Different routes flown await you, where you can stroll among the playgrounds and picnic to meet the animals, trees, and exhibitions of old tools, before losing yourself in the vegetable maze.

(12 miles) Le Sterou wildlife park Priziac A panorama of originality, UNIQUE IN BRITTANY, in that green bower 80hectare laced with rivers and ponds where 140 deer reign supreme in nature. This beautiful site is intended to be the conservatory of heritage in Central Brittany and its sustainable development of an ecosystem of flora and fauna. Click here

(13 miles) Le Faouet Museum. Gallery of Breton Art. By the mid-nineteenth century, the rich heritage and traditions of Le Faouët attract many French and foreign artists in inland Brittany. Opened in 1987 in a former convent of the seventeenth century Ursulines, the Faouët Museum is working to revive this past effervescence. Its collection consists of paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures, includes more than 450 works. Enriched regularly, it is presented in rotation during exhibitions. Click here

(15 miles) Ants bees and stick insects. In a unique setting, Corinne and Gilles KERVOT offer an unforgettable visit to the extraordinary world of insect societies: bees, ants and stick insects! It is a living exhibition presenting insect activity. The museum is in a former farmhouse with character buildings in the heart of Brittany, in the village of Faouët, Click here

(15 miles) The village of the year 1000! Click here

Things to do for a day out  …

(20 miles) La Balade du Pere Nicolas. Animals, family games, understanding the environment, railway etc. Located south of Pontivy, Saint-Nicolas-des-Eaux, The Walk of Father Nicolas is a leisure park where you feel good! We offer you a fun time, friendliness, moments of sharing and discovery in a natural and alive setting! Click here

(20 miles) Son et Lumiere de Bretagne (sound & light display) at Bon Repos Abbey in aid of retoration funds, a few nights each year late July and early August FANTASTIC (at least have a look at the video) Thousands of costumes, props and accessories, wagons, handcarts, coaches, are all created and made to enhance the story. 350 people, 20 horses, farm animals all take part in this impressive production that has already transported more than 150 000 spectators from the Neolithic to the Revolution. An unforgettable journey through time with the story unfolding in scene after scene. Click here

(23 miles) Guiscriff restored railway station Along the greenway no.7 Concarneau-Rosporden-Roscoff, tourism and cultural facility “Marie gets on the train” welcomes you into the old Guiscriff station restored and converted into a cultural center and tourist entertainment.  Click here

(25 miles) Odyssaum Discovery Center of Wild Salmon at Pont-Scorff Brittany is the premier region in France by the number of streams classified as “salmon”. Historically, wild salmon and the river are part of the culture of the Scorff Valley. Like Odysseus, tireless traveler, a wild salmon named Eog tells his incredible odyssey here, between the cold waters of the North Atlantic and returning to Morbihan. The parallel may surprise: what is the common point between Ulysses, mythological character, and Eog, a wild salmon? Click here

(25 miles) Pont-Scorff Zoo During nearly 5 hours of visit, you will travel through 5 continents to discover the giraffes, elephants, leopards, rhinos, monkeys, or majestic white lions … you will discover the fantastic world of sea lions, parrots and seabirds thanks our fun and educational shows. Click here

(26 miles) Parc Accrobranche Adventure Forest Click here

(30 miles) Submarine (U-boat) Centre Lorient A visit to the submarine FLORA and its interactive museum is a logical addition to the leisure activities in the Morbihan department. Other nautical businesses use the old base. Lorient’s history is intimately linked with the Second World War, and the submarine base, built by the Germans, was the reason the town itself was extensively destroyed. The largest military fortress in Europe, it was subsequently used by the French Navy as the headquarters of the Atlantic submarine squadron Until 1997. Click here

(30 miles) Kingoland Childrens Play Park Thrilling attractions like the Great 8, the Pirate Ship, Gravity, rides for children, car circuits, aquatic inflatable castles, everyone can find happiness KINGOLAND. You can eat at the snack bar open all day. A room is also available to clients of the snack. A picnic area is provided inside the park. Click here

Things to do further afield

(40 miles) Chateau de Josselin With its three majestic towers of the feudal period overlooking the valley of Oust and splendid Gothic style façade, on the edge of the city, the Castle of Josselin offers remarkable testimony to the architecture of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance Click here

(44 miles) Go-Karts 2 reserved tracks and electric karts for 3-6 years. For the Juniors age 7 and Adults and PMR, sensations provided at ground level on the larger circuit of Morbihan 800 meter track using the latest SODIKARTS. Juniors sessions organized sessions alternating with Adults. Adults can ride with their children during the sessions Juniors. Junior Karts suitable for adults. Click here

(47 miles) The poet-metalworker It took 25 years of sculpture, patience and passion for Robert Coudray, to bring out of nothing, this amazing and unique world of its kind. You will be deeply touched by walking in the buildings and gardens of this magical and unusual universe, invented with a mixture of techniques, humor, sensitivity and introspection. There is poetry in ball bearings, magic in the metallic cries, an invitation to life, emotion and contemplation in the middle of these subjects that move according to your desires .Click here

(50 miles) Le parc Foret Adrenaline Carnac in a quiet and shaded forest of 5 hectares, our park offers you more than 210 games and 13 playful trails from 1 to 17 meters high, to share family time, or an extreme experience, you make the choice. Click here

(52 miles) Megaliths at Carnac The landscape shaped by megalithic architecture has crossed the times from the fifth millennium BC. Imposing or not, this architectural form remains the symbol of the foundations of the first structured and hierarchical societies of farmers and ranchers. Click here

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