Painted wallsigns

The Painted wallsigns of Brittany … the local version of the Bridges of Madison County, but without the anky-panky. (If you’ve never read the book, it’s much better than the film). Anyway, over the years I kept thinking I’d get going on a photo collection of these iconic, typically French street scenes. Sadly, as with many things in life, it never got done. Till now that is, though the opportunities are less. I’d particularly like to nail one of the Dubonnet adverts.

Painted signage St. Tugdual

Bar Ty Mad St. Tugdual, old faded painted sign

Just got a couple of shots taken in nearby St. Tugdual to kick off the collection. Hope you like them, more to follow

Painted wallsigns St Tugdual near Poulmarvezen holiday cottages.

General stores St. Tugdual hand painted signs. near Poulmarvezen holiday cottages.


Holiday cottages

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