Local markets

One of the pleasures of a holiday in France is visiting some of the local markets. Here is a small selection of photos to whet your appetite! These photos were taken in Rostrenen in early April 2015, a beautiful day that signalled the beginning of Spring. Unfortunately I was just getting into my stride when the camera batteries decided to die on me. Hopefully I’ll get some more quite soon.

One of our Local markets - Rostrenen

What a picture!!

Rostrenen market April 2015 - selection of fruit - Local markets

Fresh as the day – Rostrenen market April 2015

Rostrenen in Brittany, near holiday cottages Lignol - Local markets

Queueing up for fresh produce at Rostrenen

Local markets - Rostrenen market Brittany -  near Poulmarvezen

A selection of Oriental dishes ready to go.

Local markets - Temporary setting in the car park due to some modernisation work in the town centre

A small section of Rostrenen market held every Tueday morning

Local markets - Rostrenen, every Tuesday morning

Reserves of fresh vegetables – proper fresh food!

Rostrenen market - home made mobile butchery.

Boucherie mobile! – Mobile butcher – in a mobile garden shed! – get the roof tiles!!- straight from the farm

Traditional way of doing business at local markets.

Personal attention, a bit of friendly chat. In Rostrenen you can hear French, English, and Breton being spoken.

Rostrenen in one of our Local markets, held every Tuesday, near holiday accommodation at Poulmarvezen

Real smart mobile charcuterie at Rostrenen market

Rostrenen is one of our Local markets, 20 mins. drive from Poulmarvezen accommodation

Another huge selection of delicacies on sale at Rostrenen market





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