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Pourleth – our local area!

Beautiful autumnal scene near Ploerdut

Croix St. Idult, a mile east out of Ploerdut. Follow the Lignol sign for Poulmarvezen!

Our local area of Pourleth is very beautiful.

Poulmarvezen is situated in the ancient “Pourlet” area of Morbihan. Brittany was formerly divided up into many such small regions.  The following is a translated extract from Wikipedia …

“The Pourlet country occupies the north-western department of Morbihan and a small portion of the Côtes d’Armor, and covers the following municipalities: Guémené-sur-Scorff. Plouray. Mellionnec. Lescouët-Gouarec (southern part). Silfiac. St. Tugdual. Priziac. Le Croisty. Saint-Caradec-Trégomel. Lignol. Berné. Persquen. Meslan. Locmalo. Inguiniel. Bubry. Langoëlan. Séglien. Ploërdut. The northern part of Plouay and the Locmeltro district of Guern can also be considered as belonging to Pourlet.”

Andouille, (sausage) Breton delicacy

Fete de l’andouille, (local delicacy, a sausage made from offal), Guemene-sur-Scorff Morbihan, last Sunday every August. Traditional Breton costumes.

The Pourlet local area was defined by its own version of traditional costume, the dialect, local dance, distinctive architecture, and the central influence of Guemene-sur-Scorff as a market.

You can read a fuller account here of this fascinating subject (in French). Get Google to do a translation for you. There are a couple of excellent photos, one of the Pourlet headress, the other the local area Pourlet dance. There is also a map showing the extent of the Pourlet local area, and all the other local area regions of Brittany.

Main street Guemene Rue Bisson

Another procession during the Fete de l’andouille. Rue Bisson Guemene-sur-Scorff. Note the Embuscade Bar on the left.

Whichever direction you head for on leaving Poulmarvezen Holiday Gites, you will find the Pourleth landscape to be absolutely beautiful. There are pretty villages, usually with a few local shops, and many a small lake. The area is ideal for cycling or walking. There is hardly any traffic. Usually it’s a tractor and trailer!

Chapelle St. Guen at night

Chapelle St Guen, on the road between St. Tugdual and Priziac within the Pourlet region, our local area

The Chapelle St. Guen was damaged by fire in 2006 by “satanists”, there’s a fascinating read here (in French)

Lake Dordu at Langoelan, in the Pourleth local area. See the wildlife

Lake Dordu, Langoelan. Only 10 minutes from Poulmarvezen Holiday Gites, a nice 1 mile walk around the perimeter


Further afield …

Fort Blocquet near Larmor Plage Morbihan sunny day

Near Fort Blocquet on the southern coast of Morbihan. Near enough to Poulmarvezen Holiday Gites for a day out, (40/45 minutes)

Trembling rock at Huelgoat Cote d'Armor. 45 minutes from Poulmarvezen Holiday gites

Lake Huelgoat. Try to move the nearby Roche tremblante in the woods

Avenue of beech trees between holiday gites at Ploerdut and Bon Repos

Beech trees on the drive to Bon Repos – a wet day in May brought out the fresh green colours

Abbey being restored at Bon Repos

Horse and Carriage rides Bon Repos near Gouarec

Archway at Bon Repos near Gouarec Cote d'Armor

Bon Repos near Gouarec. Ancient Abbey under restoration. Fundraising “Son et Lumiere” every summer, a MUST SEE.

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