The meter man cometh | French Holiday Gites

Waiting for the meter man

It’s that time of year again, EDF (Electricite de France for those of you in the UK who didn’t realise your hard earned money wings its way across the channel) have yet again decided they have trusted me enough and want to actually send the meter man to see the electricity meter in the flesh.

Relais at Poulmarvezen - arched doorway. Will the meter man find it?

Relais at Poulmarvezen – arched doorway

It’s a matter of life and death, they can no longer estimate it, and they write to you, send you an email, and leave a message on your ISP. (more…)

Deer spotting in Brittany


Just looked out of the window and there’s a large deer on the lawn not 30 yards away. It was side on and looking straight at me, it’s amazing how thin the head is. It caught sight of me and was off before Susan could get a view of it, but then a slightly smaller one, presumably a female, appeared for a few moments. They have a great white backside, which must be one of God’s less funny jokes when Elmer Fudd is on your case.


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