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Chez Marie Thé Ploerdut | Poulmarvezen Holiday Cottages

Chez Marie Thé

Dining room at Chez Marie Thé in Ploerdut, near to Poulmarvezen Holiday cottages


I’ve simply GOT to tell you about the Restaurant Chez Marie Thé (pronounced Shay Marry Tay), bang in the middle of Ploerdut, opposite the ancient church, which was built in 1089. (the same year William the Conqueror was writing our family name (Ollerenshaw) in the Domesday book in Derbyshire so we could pay our taxes. Happy days.)


Honey Hunting | Holiday Gites in Brittany

We thought we’d go all healthy the other day and get some local honey. You can’t really get Manuka Honey over here, which apparently will raise the dead, (it’s the shock of the price that does it), but we’d heard that local honey is always best for you, something about counteracting local allergens, if you believe that. We phoned the local mairie (town hall) to ask if they knew of any local producers, and were surprised to be given two leads by the town clerk.

We phoned both of them, one couldn’t sell us a jar until the weekend, the other responded at the weekend. Don’t you just love the pace of life over here!


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