A tale of firewood, and a messiah

If you are interested in firewood and log fires read on, otherwise you might be bored stiff, (although a very interesting character puts in an appearance).

Our nearest neighbour called round one evening last week. He’s all alone since his wife died last year, he’s pretty much a broken man. They’d been together 52 years. His wife died last August and quite literally you couldn’t get into the church. This is not an infrequent occurrence around here, everybody knows everybody else, and have done for their entire lives. They all went to school together, ploughed the land together, married each other. Sadly this timeless way of life is passing as the young move out to find work. The blame can be firmly placed at the feet of Mr. Massey and Mr. Ferguson. We tell him to call round for a glass of wine whenever he wants but always says he doesn’t want to disturb us.