12ème fête médiévale Ploerdut

12ème fête médiévale Ploerdut!

Some photos from this afternoon’s annual get-together, which continues tomorrow. The whole village makes a big effort every year to celebrate the area’s history and culture.

12th Medieval Fete Ploerdut

12th Fete Medievale Ploerdut

Hopefully you will enjoy the following selection of photographs …

Bombardes, bagpipes, drums and tambourine

Breton music to accompany the dancers in traditional costume

Medieval fete, May 2015

Dancers in medieval dress, Ploerdut

Leather goods for sale, Ploerdut May 2015

The ancient and beautiful parish church of Ploerdut (dating from 1089) behind a market stall – 12ème fête médiévale Ploerdut

Medieval music Ploerdut May 2015

Medieval songs under the shade of a tree – the instrument is a Nyckelharpa, which originate from Sweden

Wikipedia has more on the Nickelharpa here

Medieval dress and music - Ploerdut May 2015

“Louna” who plays the unusual Nyckelharpa which originates from Sweden

Louna (Natacha) and her partner Phil can be hired for concerts under the name O’Phil D Lun’ (which is pronounced : “au fil des lunes”, a French expression for “times gone by”). They have their own website with contact details (check out the short video clips in the “musique” section), here

Pottery demonstrations at Ploerdut medieval fete 2015

Medieval pottery demonstrations – the potter straddles the big ring around his feet which he spins with the pole behind him.

12ème fête médiévale Ploerdut - time for a snack

Artisan-produced bread and a sausage, Ploerdut May 2015

Nice use of old wooden boxes!

One of the stalls at Ploerdut medieval fete May 2015

Taking a moment to discuss the harvest perhaps?

Ladies in medieval dress, Breton style. Ploerdut, Morbihan, Brittany

Giant bellows to keep the little furnace going for forging wrought iron. Ploerdut 2015

Now that’s what I call a bellows! Forging demonstration at the medieval fete Ploerdut 2015

Wool and basketmaking - what's that all about?

Ploerdut 2015 medieval fete – not sure what’s going on here but it involves basketmaking and some wool!

12ème fête médiévale Ploerdut - near Poulmarvezen holiday cottages

Not sure if they had lampshades in medieval Brittany but they do look very nice!